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ThunderFit is personal training software built by trainers for trainers.

Features that are intuitive & easy to use.

ThunderFit is for you and your clients and we've got something to tell you!

You'll never get lost using our software. We made it so it would be a pleasure to use and grow with.

You'll be putting your business in good hands and your clients will love you for it.


Work with your clients directly through their workout calendar. Any time you make a change, they'll see it right away.

Get Paid

Create super flexible payment plans. You can create as many as you'll need to work with and charge your clients.

New Website

Get a premium website when signing up to ThunderFit. Your business will always be showcased in the best light.

Workout Builder

Use our smart workout builder to create workouts for your clients in record time. Your clients will be amazed.

Personal Training Software Made to Help You Earn More Money.

As a personal trainer for 6+ years, I found myself searching for more. The mornings were early and nights were late. 5am - 10pm to be exact. I wanted to be able to take a vacation and still get paid, that's when I turned to online personal training and haven't looked back.

I've tried just about every personal training software on the market, nothing was simple enough to use and I couldn't quite understand how I could make more money with it. That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands and ThunderFit was born!

What trainers are saying about ThunderFit

ThunderFit has transformed my business. I can work with all of my clients in just a few hours per week and I'm able to take vacations at will. Do yourself a favor!
- Aryn Giddens, NASM CPT

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