Building an Online Presence as a Personal Trainer

January 31, 2018   ·  Trainers Journey

This article is going to talk in detail about everything you’ll need to build your web presence as an online personal trainer with examples and images.

It's safe to say that most online personal trainers would like to work with more clients. If not, you likely wouldn’t be reading an article like this. There are so many things that are important to a potential new client when they're looking for a personal trainer to put their trust into. 

But you’ll likely never get the chance to uncover those concerns and questions that are of high importance because you may never get to converse with the client. They might write you off the second they get a peak at your website.

News Flash: Your Instagram account with images of you working out is not a good way to get new clients and a pretty crappy business model. You'll need a website.

As an online personal trainer, all things begin and end with your web presence. Your website is the backbone of who you are online. Without a beautiful design and clear images you’ll look like a scrub. 

On top of that you’ll want your website to be mobile responsive, in other words… It should look good on all devices a client uses to access your site from. (Laptop, Desktop, iPad, Phone, etc..)

There’s nothing worse than loading a website on a mobile phone and things get distorted and thrown all over the place. That would be like walking into a corner restaurant you saw advertised and the seats were tipped over, there were dirty plates on tables and the waiters had shirts that just barely covered their peaking hairy guts.   

If you’re looking to be in online personal training you need a beautiful website and you need to consider it as something that's integral to your success. 

Online Personal Trainer Website Must Haves

  • Mobile Responsiveness.
  • Beautiful & clean images that also respond to screen size.
  • A way to collect payment from potential new clients.
  • A clear and catchy “About You” section that gives a peak into your personality as well as your business.
  • An image of you that looks professional.
  • Your certifications listed. 
  • Testimonials from previous clients. 

Website DO NOT’s:

  • Bland colors or colors that span the entire rainbow spectrum. 
  • Poor resolution images.
  • Non-mobile responsive.
  • Walls and walls of text. Boring. (clicks "X")
  • Self-bragging (You’re awesome for being in shape. We know. But focus on the clients needs.)
  • Inability to accept payments.
  • Testimonial images that you found on the internet. (Some of them are really noticeable)

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s dig into some real examples!

Example of a poorly designed personal trainer website.

Poorly designed personal trainer website.

NOTE: This is a website I found online, I blocked out images and names to protect the innocent. This is purely for demonstrative purposes. 

You can see in this image that on landing to this personal trainers website it immediately violates most of the DO NOT's. There are bland colors, the images were grainy and look like they were taken on a blackberry phone back in 2007. The design is rather boring overall and there is a lot of random empty space. 

When a potential client lands on your website, should the first thing they see be an image of you working out? In what way, shape or form does that tell your potential client that they've just landed on the page of a personal trainer who is offering their services? 

Even more importantly, how does this demonstrate to the client that YOU are the one they should work with? Let's scroll down and see what we find:

Second image of a bad website. Its just a wall of generic text.

Womp womp!

A wall of generic text on yet more bland color combinations. If you're going to sell your services be sure to write something that doesn't sound like a resume. It sounds canned and non-genuine with no personality. This will display to potential clients who land on your site that you put no thought into it and they will likely immediately jump ship. 

That's enough for this website, you get the idea. However, let's see what this looks like on a mobile screen:

Same poor website on mobile screen. Non-responsive.

This is how the website would look if I went to it while on an iPhone 8. I don't know about you, but if I was buying personal training for my mom, I wouldn't be choosing this person. Presentation is everything, even if this trainer knows everything under the sun about health and fitness. He/She lost me as soon as I landed on the website.

Ok, so that was a good example of a poorly designed website for an online personal trainer. To be honest a lot of trainers out there have something similar if anything at all. I can hear you though, you're not a web designer and don't have the thousands of dollars to pay for a premium website buildout. 

Question: What can I do if I need a beautiful website that looks great on all screen sizes. And where can I get that website but not have it cost me an arm and a leg?

Message received.

Enter ThunderFit Website Themes for Personal Trainers.

Everything we build at ThunderFit is focused on helping trainers grow their businesses. We know you can't do that without a great looking website. So we decided to focus on this problem a bit and we came up with a solution. 

All personal trainers who actively use ThunderFit's personal training software will have access to a webpage of their own that they can promote to their clients and potential new clients.

The websites are based on themes. They are 97% customizable and can be launched and up & running in less than 3 minutes. Our themes are mobile-responsive and focused around fitness, with eye-catching designs. What more can you possibly ask for! 

Let's take a peak at the themes: 

Currently we have two themes and more on the way. The themes allow for trainers to represent themselves in the best light, while providing a user experience for potential clients that is clean and a pleasure to look at.

The plans you set for online personal training inside your ThunderFit account will be displayed on your website and will allow you to accept payments. Here's what the plans section looks like: 

Example of what the trainers plans will look like on their ThunderFit theme based website.

Notice how the plans are easy on the eyes and do not contain walls and walls of text trying to explain to clients what they'll be receiving. 

NOTE: When a client has landed on your website, they know why they are there. Get to the close. Avoid the overselling walls of text, it's doing no one any good. Not you, not the potential client.

Ok this all looks great, but what does it look like on mobile? 

Remember mobile responsive websites are important because most people are on the go and looking at things through their phone. Here's what your new website might look like on a mobile phone:

This is how a ThunderFit theme will look on a mobile phone. This image shows the mobile responsive site on an iPhone 8

Notice how your new website is mobile responsive and looks great on a mobile phone. Now potential clients won't need to squint to look at the details of your website. This is perfect if you're promoting your website through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Since potential clients are already on a phone. They'll be pleasantly surprised when they land on your webpage.

The two themes you saw in this post are Leonidas and Snow White. We'll be producing many more themes over the coming months and you'll be able to change your website's information as you need. If you want to change your theme you can do that with the click of a button. 

To close

If you take anything at all away from this post, it's that you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a website design that will likely break over time, which will only cause you to keep rehiring a developer to fix things. Let us handle that for you! 

Also, don't let your website be the downfall and reason why you can't make a good living.

By nature, people are always judging things. That includes your website being judged by potential clients. If you want to find success in the online personal training game, you'll need a website worth looking at and you'll need to be a personal trainer worth doing business with!

If you have any questions feel free to jump into the comments section below and ask away. You can check out the website themes for personal trainers here.

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