Quicker Search For Exercises and a Big Announcement

February 02, 2018   ·  Update

Another round of ThunderFit updates are in the books. This sprint only lasted a week because we wanted to release a change to how searching for exercises would work. 

We made it so searching for Exercises works a bit better. Now when you start typing an exercise to add to the day's workout for your client it will help you by autocompleting: 

ThunderFit exercise selection now works with autocomplete.

So if you begin typing 'Push', ThunderFit will show you all exercises in the video library related to the term you typed. When you select one from the dropdown list it will automatically attach that video to your clients exercise card. 

If you type a term that returns no results, you can still add the exercise but no video will be attached. We plan to add over 1,000 videos, so we doubt that will be an issue in the future. 

Big Announcement

In the next ThunderFit release coming on February 16th, 2018, you'll see massive changes to all of the pages on ThunderFit's website. Our team worked hard to re-do the entire design of the platform. We also added an awesome feature that will allow us to start showcasing other Online Personal Trainers and Businesses who are killing it. 

We'll be interviewing them and sharing the successes and struggles they've encountered to help you navigate finding success as an online personal trainer. 

We're investing heavily in the personal training community and vow to bring you features that will undoubtedly help you grow your business. 

Here's a sneak peak at what an Interview card will look like. When it's clicked, you'll be taken to the interview where you'll be able to learn and grow.

We'll see you on February 16th for the next release! 

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