New Blog Experience and Trainer Dashboard

January 26, 2018   ·  Update

Another sprint of production and development is in the books for ThunderFit. In our efforts to deliver massive value and make it so personal trainers have a company they can rely on to produce a great experience for both them and their clients, here’s what we've accomplished on the development side.

Changed Blog Posts Page Design.

Our goal with the ThunderFit blog - Trainer’s Journey is to provide trainers with a place where they can go to learn tactics that will help them grow their personal training businesses. We want both trainers and fitness professionals to feel like our blog is a product in its own right. A free product that provides massive value for the personal training community.

For us to deliver an experience like this we knew we would have to step up our game in terms of the way each individual post looked. We vastly improved on the layout and design of a post so it’s much easier to read and navigate making it a much more enjoyable experience.

Here are some before and after images of our changes: 

Previous design of ThunderFit's blog posts paragraph content.How paragraph content was shown before

After the changes, here is how ThunderFit's blog posts paragraph content is designed. Everything is evenly aligned and headers look like a header should.How paragraph content will be displayed now

image of how a list might look in ThunderFits blog prior to the updates.How a list might be displayed before. Looks, eh.

Image of how the list will be display in ThunderFit's post after the update. Much better aligned and designed.How lists will be displayed now. Much cleaner.   

Added a Visual Graph To The Trainers Dashboard.

Visuals make an app's experience much more enjoyable than just showing some data in text format with a title. So, we changed a portion of the Trainer’s Dashboard to display their current client count via a graph rather than just presented in a small box making it previously somewhat boring to look at. 

Our goal is to build the easiest to use online personal training platform in the world. That includes making it so trainers have the most enjoyable experience possible. 

Here’s a before and after of the trainers dashboard:

Data displayed without a graph.

Trainers dashboard with a graph.

Some other changes included: 

  • Text changes on various buttons throughout the app to make certain actions easier to understand.
  • We also made URLS short and sweet so users aren’t confused while on desktop. As an example: 

URLs like that can sometimes be confusing. We wanted to make things simple in case a trainer or client wants to quickly type in a URL. Doesn't this look much better: 

That’s it for this round of updates, we’ll see you next week with a batch of more improvements to ThunderFit’s online personal training platform. Cheers!

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